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Simple Advice To All JAMB CBT Candidates For 2021/2021 Session

It’s a pleasure we make it known to you all, Jamb Examination is currently at hand, Hance all those who registered for the JAMB Exam really need to make things right by getting ready.  Be rest assured that there is a simple Advice To All JAMB CBT Candidates come 2021/2021.

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Advice To All JAMB CBT Candidates

Advice To All JAMB CBT Candidates

One thing is to seat for the exam and another is for you to come out with flying colors. As you are getting ready for JAMB, Please note that there are a few things you really need to know. Below contains the detailed advice you should know before seating for any of your Jamb Exam.

Best Advice to JAMB CBT Candidates

Having said much via this advice, the only thing in need from you know is for you so simply go down through this article in other to make it through in your JAMB Exam.

Remove Fear

Even in the Holy Bible we are made to understand that God Told us ” Fear Not” No matter what you face or how you see or feel about the exam, you ought to be bold and remove any fear of any kind. To be frank with you all, I have not seen anything that kills a man other than Fear.

Involve God

As you are going to write this exam, you really need to put God first in all you do, this is simply because if you put God first, you will make it through. The Bible makes us understand that if you commit they ways into the hands of God, He will direct your paths. The Sure way you can make it through this exam is just letting God take control over the whole thing.

Manage Your Time

Time management is very important in this JAMB Exam. In as much as you so desire to make it through, please try all you can the little time that is been given to you.

Before the time elapses, you must have finished writing. It pains me a lot to see dull candidates who can not manage the time given to them. You don’t need the whole day to write this exam. Just Manage Your Time.

Note that you have 60 minutes for Use of English, 40 minutes for Biology, 40 minutes for Physics, and 40 minutes for Chemistry Make ing it all 3hours). Just try and manage your time.

Answering Questions

This area is another interesting part of your JAMB exam. Be rest assured that you must not know all the questions that is been given to you. Now Once you have no idea of a particular question, Just skip the question and simply move to the next one. This is so that you will not waste much time on just a question.

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