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Full List Of All NYSC Allowance For All States In Nigeria In 2021/2022

It is important after your school days, you go on to serve your fatherland for just one year. That alone shows a sign of respect and your Loyalty to Nigeria At large. On this page, we will be sharing with you all the detailed guide about  All NYSC Allowance For All States In Nigeria.

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All NYSC Allowance For All States In Nigeria

All NYSC Allowance For All States In Nigeria

It’s a pleasure we make it known to you all that three as been a serious increment to NYSC Allowance (allawee). That Ranges from te initial N19,800 to N33,000 (Thirty-three thousand Naira). This is not a never a joke because some exited copers took the new development to social media platforms to express their Joy.

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Full NYSC ‘Allawii’ For All States In Nigeria

Below covers the full list of detailed Allawii for all youth copers serving their fatherland. Please do well to check it out in other to make our choice when choosing where to serve.

1. Youth Corpers In Akwa Ibom State Are been paid N10,000

2. Youth Corpers in Lagos state are been paid N15,000, Most times they pay N10,000 to corpers in ministry and N5000 to those in LGA.

3. Youth Corpers in Sokoto State are been paid N4,000 and N9,000 to those in the state hospital respectively

4. Youth Corpers in Enugu State are been paid N10,000

5. Youth Corpers in Oyo State Earns N3,800

6. Osun State Pays Corpers N5,000

7. Youth Corpers in Kano State are been paid N4,000

8. Youth Corpers in Borno State are been paid N1,000

9. Niger State Pays Corpers N6,000

10. Yobe State Pays Corpers N2,500

11. Bayelsa Pays Corpers N3,000

12. Youth Corpers in Ekiti state are been paid N5,000

13. Youth Corpers in Ogun State are been paid N5,000

14. Delta States Pays Corpers  N5,000

15. Bauchi State Pays Corpers N1,250

16. Cross River State Pays Corpers N3,090

17. Zamfara State Pays Corpers N3,000

18. Abia State Pays Corpers N5,000

19. Imo State Pays corpers N2,000

20. Youth Corpers in Taraba state are been paid N10,000

21. Youth Corpers in Kaduna State are been paid 3000

22. Youth Corpers in Jigawa State are been paid 10,000 Note that (Jigawa is paying N5000 To All those in L.G>A while N16,000 To all those working in the Clinics and N26,000 To all  Medical Corpers)

23. Youth Corpers in Nassarawa State earns 3,000

25. Port Harcourt, Rivers State are yet to pay corpers for the past 5 years. But with the trun of things now with Hon Wike on seat, that issue will be sorted out.


In Nigeria, we have 36 states with the Federal Capital Abuja. But with the list above, we ONLY Mentions 25 states out of 37. This is because those states that were not mentioned are under Verification and waiting for Approval from Us.

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