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Simple Guide On How to Write Final Year Project Proposal

Have you ever thought of the stress of writing a project during your final year Proposal? you have no worries at all. It has been stated that over 40% of candidates we have now are not able to put down their Project reasons best known to them. Sometimes, most of them don’t even know how it is been done.

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How To Write a Proposal

How To Write a Proposal

Have it at the back of your mind that Proposal happens to be basically a type of an official solicitation that will really help you out with a specific project dependent on the basic information for that specific project. During project writing, you must make researches just to make a good one.

In this well-constructed article, we will be sharing with you the simple guide on how you can simply go about your Project writing. All you really need to do is to kindly go down through this article in other not to make any mistakes while writing. They are as follows.

What to consider when Putting up a Project Proposal

Before you can decide on putting up a project proposal, you must make sure you consider the below tips.

1: You will have to decide on the problem to handle and come up with a good rethink

2: Before coming up with any Project, you will have to Identify your subsidizing channel particularly for cash

3: On this area, you will have to approach your patrons if any on time to find out the duty on their part.

4: For your project to be a success, you will have to get a Project Group. You need more individuals so that they will all contribute to their ideas.

5: Make sure you play a dynamic part in most basic leadership, in order to accomplish the ideal objective

6: Lastly, you will have to hold a commencement meeting with your supervisor or group head.

Start-Up an Introduction

An introduction is very important in Project writing because that will be the foundation or skeleton of your proposal. This will help you out in setting up your fundamental structure for research. Have it at the back of your mind that the starting point is very important.

You will have to indicate Statement of the problem

You have to make sure that the problem is been indicated and also how your study aims at solving them. be rest assured that the problem that led to you carrying out this research should also be noted and indicated as well.

Purpose of the study

In this area, have it at the back of your mind that you will have to notify the aims and objectives of the study.  This is because it uncovers what the target result should be. it also interest us to ket you know that the objectives of a study are the backbone of your main work because it depicts your result.

Your Literature Review

In your Literature Review, the literature review is said to briefly give a review of related studies. Have it at the back of your mind that this can also be divided into three fundamental parts which are namely conceptual review, Theoretical review, and empirical review respectively.

Furthermore, the conceptual review happens to give a valuable breakdown of relevant concepts and definitions of variables of the study which is is very important

Still, in the Literature review, the theoretical review also gives you theories that have been propounded by past philosophers and researchers which are all related to your present study.

Lastly, the empirical review is said to give you a concise review of similar studies which is been carried out by other scholars and researchers that support your study.

Research questions or hypotheses

In this part, you will simply reveal your hypothesis here.

Furthermore, you will have to additionally reveal any research addresses that encompass your hypothesis.

Lastly, you will also address the conceivable testable speculations that will support your hypothesis.

Significance of the study

Talking about the significance of the study, it has to do with the importance and relevance of your study. Furthermore, the significance of the study also shows the beneficiaries of the study such as academic, professional, government policies and lots more.


In this area, it has to do with the constraints that were encountered while carrying out the research. Bear it in mind that this constraint could be financial constraints, time constraints, inadequate study materials and lots more. We came to find out that they are obstacles that hindered the completion of the project.

Methods And Procedures.

This will help you out quantitative or qualitative research and the instruments of research to be simply utilized. Note that the area will tell you which methods you will use so as to demonstrate your hypothesis.


Please Make sure you make use of the correct date depending on the version of the book you have read and are citing in your work. How to Write a Final Year Project Proposal

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