Mistakes Candidates Should Avoid While In Universities & Polytechnics

Mistakes Candidate Must Avoid in University: It’s quite Understandable to learn the fact that some applicants tend to make some certain mistakes while in School or once they have been admitted into the University or Polytechnics. It’s a pleasure we make it known to you all that some mistakes are really costly mistakes which you should avoid.

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Mistakes candidates should avoid in University

Mistakes candidates should avoid in University

It interested us to let you know that there are some mistakes you will do, it will ruin your whole days while in school. In other to be on the safe side and avoid shading tears, at last, applicants are been expected to make sure they stay away from such mistakes. Just as they say, Prevention is better than Cure!

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Mistakes Candidates Should Avoid While In Universities & Polytechnics

Below are the respective Mistakes you must make sure you avoid while or In School. They are at follows;

CANDIDATES SHOULD NEVER Miss out on any Lectures, Hence it will hurt them in time to come, Whether you like it or not, it must surely hurt you.

CANDIDATES SHOULD NEVER Depend on only what they study in school. They should try all they can to make sure they remain varsatal in learning. Learn Almost everything, it will really help you a lot.

CANDIDATES SHOULD NEVER Fail to write their Examinations, Be rest assured that the Exams Result is always recorded. TO be free from issues in school, DON’T MISS YOUR EXAMS.

CANDIDATES SHOULD NEVER Study just for grades, Know it that grades won’t carry you beyond school. Read for knowledge, read to be empowered.

CANDIDATES SHOULD NEVER Avoid All friends. Do all you can to make Good Friends, Because they might help you out some day. Good Friend Remember!

CANDIDATES SHOULD NEVER allow a lecturer to limit you or your ability. You know Lectures can be annoying some times. Don’t allow their Mere Words Hurt you or change your feelings. Be focused.

CANDIDATES SHOULD NEVER take their grades for granted, Please read to have the A’s, Always try all you can to be among the best. It will pay you some day

CANDIDATES SHOULD NEVER never take God for granted. He is the only Way, the truth and the Life, No man cometh to the Father except through Him. God will make it work out for you in as much as you stick to him.

CANDIDATES SHOULD NEVER take their respective CGPA or graduating class as the final say on your life. Why should a cream-colored A4 paper, signed by a Professor, produced by NSMC be a final authority on your life?

CANDIDATES SHOULD NEVER relent in reading and studying hard. Please, it is important to make sure you read like never before. Study to show your self approved.

CANDIDATES SHOULD NEVER Look for trouble, please applicants should make sure they do all they can to make sure they are in peace with all MEN.

CANDIDATES SHOULD NEVER stop doing their Assignment. Do not forget that these assignments are been used to compile your results. Please do not take it for granted.

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