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Simple Tricks On How To Score Above 300 In JAMB CBT 2021/2022

It’s a pleasure we make it known to you all that JAMB Examination is not what you go into unprepared, trust me, If you fail to read and study very hard, you will fail very well. Some candidates have been looking for the simple tricks by which they can score over 280 to 300 in JAMB UTME, that question will be answered here.

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Score Above 280 In JAMB

Score Above 280 In JAMB

Just the Holy Bible tells us ” Study to show they self Approved” That is to say that if you fail to study, you will find it difficult coming out with flying colors in JAMB UTME Examinations. Schoolfees.com.ng will be sharing with you all the simple tricks on how you can hit over 300 scorelines in JAMB.

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How To Score Over In Jamb UTME 2021/2022

This question has been asked over the past years on how JAMB Applicants will really hit the high score of 300 and above in JAMB. Do not forget that nothing comes just like that, you really need to pay the price and also the sacrifice if your name should be written on stone due to your stunning performance.

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You Should Spend More Time In Reading And Studying

If you really desire to study very hard, it will pay off. When you read and study hard like never before, you tend to score over 300 and above in the JAMB Exam. Any candidates that find it hard to read are really planning to fail become their respective results will not be interesting.

You have to Mentally Prepare for JAMB Exam

In other to hit a high score in JAMB, you must make sure you mentally prepare for JAMB. You really need to be strong if you must come out with good grades. It has been stated that most applicants have what we call “stage fright” while some others are allergic to crowed, this will destabilize your focus.

Now if you are to do well in JAMB Exam, you should try all you kind to be mentally strong, Face anything you see. Be strong, don’t feel inferior, don’t be allergic to crowed. Stay focused and trust me, your score will be very high. Do not forget that your mind is the strongest thing that can determine how far a man can go in life.

You Need to Understand The Changes in Jamb

As you all know that CHANGE is constant, that is the main reason why you really need to be regularly updated. Have it at the back of your mind that ever since the introduction of Jamb CBT, things have taken a new shape.

This change was made known after the introduction of CCTV cameras in Jamb hall, banning of wristwatches, smartphones, and lots more.

With these changes in place, applicants will have to study and work with the already new law so that they will not have any issues later. Move with the change, and trust me, you will come out with flying colors.

You have to study with JAMB Past Questions

It’s a pleasure we make it known to you all that Jamb past questions can make you pass Jamb with lesser effort. Have it at the back of your mind that the joint admission and matriculation board do not have new questions to set.  This is because the re-package of the old questions and adds a few things to them.

Now if you are to study with JAMB Past Question papers, you will certainly come across many of the questions you must have studied in your secret room of studies. The most dangerous people on earth are READERS! I really respect them a lot considering the fact they can answer any question at all.

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Pray for Retaintive memory

It is very painful to learn the fact that candidates will read, study, and go through a lot of stress just to make sure their score high in their JAMB Exam.

Only getting to the exam hall, they will forget everything they must have studied. Now in other to be free from that, you have to PRAY TO GOD FOR RETAINTIVE MEMORY.  After the prayers, go straight to your exam hall, because God got your back.

You will also have to pray and commit the whole exam into the hands of God for him to take absolute control. Be rest assured that anything you put into the hands of God, will be good.  Trust him for better results.

Once you carefully abide by all the above instructions, your score will be super high. I hope you found this post interesting, do well to share this post with family and friends via any of the share media platforms below. Do you have any questions regarding this post?do well to let us know via the comment session.




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