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How To Calculate Your UNN Aggregate Score 2020/2021 Session

Have you ever thought of how your Aggregate score can be calculated? You will know that it’s not an issue tho. On this Platform, we will be sharing with you all On how you can simply calculate your UNN Aggregate Score.

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Have it at the back of your mind that when you have known how this is been calculated, you will surely know your chance if beeing admitted. Below are the simple ways on how to calculate that.

How to Calculate UNN Aggregate Score

Its interests us to inform all UNN Candidates that their aggregate score is JAMB Score 60% while POST UTME Score happens to be 40%. Below is the guide on how to calculate that;

  • UNN Students will have to multiply their JAMB Score by 0.6, Write down the answer you get,
  • You will have to also multiply your POST-UTME Score by 0.4.
  • Now simply add up what you get in total.
  • E.g let’s say your jamb score is 202 and your post utme score is 307. Then we will have (302*0.6) + (307*0.4) = Aggregate score = 304.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If your aggregate score happens to be in a decimal number (e.g 203.6) be rest assured that it will all be concluded in whole number. With the Aggregate score, that is what will be used in other to know if you gained admission or not.

In other to be worthy of admission into UNN, Please make sure you have up to the there departmental cut-off mark and get the necessary requirement ready. One of the most important factors here is the UNN School Fees and Clearance fee as well. Make sure you get all this settled before time.


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